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!!! W A R N I N G !!!

For your maximum safety, you should use this program on a backup copy first to avoid problems from possible bugs and from continuing the download later without stripping the index.

If you want to continue the download later, don't forget to strip the index!

!!! W A R N I N G !!!

If you have a partially downloaded movie and you want to look in it, then open the file with DivFix and use the "Rebuild Index" function. Now you can look the movie. If you want to continue the download, open the file again with DivFix, use the "Strip Index" function, finish the download and then use the "Rebuild Index" again to correct the file-size in the AVI header (the only data which is changed by DivFix from the original movie).

You can use DivFix with command-line parameters too (and you can use wildcards). For detailed help on the parameters use "DivFix.exe /?".

Known bugs:

In some cases after using DivFix, the source file remain locked and cannot be deleted, but this looks like a WindowsXP bug for me.
Some people reported problems using DivFix with the XVID codec, but unfortunately it works correctly all of my XVID films... :)
There should be still some I/O-error (but hey, this is the first and only program i made with Borland Delphi... :). If you can send me a video that produce such error, i will try to fix it.
But if you send meg bug-report, PLEASE write down the version number too... :)

Future plans:

(I should do many of those already, but don't have too much free time lately)

Support for AVIs larger than 2GB
Keyboard shortcuts to the functions
selectable prefix or suffix for the filename
Selectable starting directory (fix or remember the last dir)
Resizable form (i want to do this with my Delphi 3, so ideas are welcome)
Rebuild only with a given size (ideal for a preview)
Maybe a read-error handling (retry or ignore at read errors)
The name of the temporary index and logfile will be created from the AVI filename
At batch execution at an error, DivFix should continue with the next file
Coloring the filenames in the listbox which are ready or which have problems


Copyright (C) 2000-2005 Csaba Budai

This program is released under the GNU General Public License. It may be used freely, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions. For details, please read the file License.txt which comes with this archive. If not, please contact me for the original archive.

Contact addresses

You can download the recent DivFix versions from the 'official' DivFix page:


If you like this program, you should send a postcard (with a nice picture
about your city or country) or $5 (but you are not forced to do so, because
this is a freeware utility) to the following address:

Budai Csaba
Elod vezer u. 14. 3/12.

You can send bugreports (please include the version number!!!), suggestions, etc. to the
following e-mail address:


or you can speak with me on the following ICQ number:

UIN: 91811374

Meanwhile i lost my previous e-mail addres at the usa.net and with it a few unanswered
mail. Sorry for those i did not answer (because of that) or answered later (because i have
a few life-related problems and that's why i was late with the new version).

Special thanks to Kimmo Hassinen and Arty (arty@freemail.hu) for the beta testing!
Yes, you can send those mail-bombs to him in case of any damage, that my program do
for you... :)

Oldal URL

A jelenlegi oldal elsődleges címe: http://divfix.maxeline.com/divfix-documentation-doc-docs-manual-readme-358/
Továbbá az alábbi címen is elérhető: http://divfix.maxeline.com/doc358/